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Things to Do in Yorkshire: A Comprehensive Guide on What to Do in Yorkshire

There’s no better place to start exploring Northern England than traversing the four counties of Yorkshire – and as visitors can choose to s...

There’s no better place to start exploring Northern England than traversing the four counties of Yorkshire – and as visitors can choose to stay in any one of eight vibrant cities, you can really tailor your stay to your interests.

Yorkshire is one of the top home destinations for staycations and now attracts almost as many international tourists as it does national ones.

With this in mind, we have put together a comprehensive guide to this stunning British location, so why not think about planning your itinerary today?

Where to start

Before we get to grips with all of the things to see and do in Yorkshire, we would like to take a moment to talk about the fantastic content creators around the world that share the wonderful and varied aspects of this unique destination.

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Top things to do in Yorkshire

Explore nature

Yorkshire is famous for its unrivalled beauty and with a blend of British coastline, sprawling fields and signature gardens, there really is an experience to be had for absolutely any need. Those stopping by can visit some of the most iconic gardens whether they visit the south, east, north, or west of Yorkshire, can traverse a wide array of walking, hiking, or cycling trails, soak up some local heritage on the Yorkshire battlefields, or even take part in water sports, do some fishing, or even have a relaxed stay on water with canal and boating holidays across the dozens of rivers, reservoirs and the ancient canal network. The fantastic thing is that it doesn’t stop there, as Yorkshire plays host to enchanting waterfalls, unique wetlands, cliffs and everything in between.

Get closer to wildlife

Visitors can get closer to wildlife throughout the year and won’t be disappointed by the sheer array of local birds and animals to be seen here. From puffins to short-eared owls, from otters to red squirrels and from kingfishers to dolphins and whales, there’s something to be seen wherever you go and whatever time of year you stop by.

There are even animal farms and wildlife parks that can be visited where you can take an alpaca for a walk, stroke giant rabbits, interact with birds of prey, look out for exotic animals and feed baby goats and other farm animals. The great news is that you will be able to find wildlife centers all around Yorkshire, so you’ll be spoilt for choice.

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Visit arts and cultural events

Visitors may be mistaken that the top arts and culture activities will be found in more bustling cities such as London, but Yorkshire is actually one of the biggest hotspots in the country for artistic creativity and talent. For example, in 2023 those coming to visit can book tickets to see famous comedians like Peter Kay and Jimmy Carr, enjoy a wide array of performing arts shows from ballet to opera, visit art installations, museums and theaters – and even celebrate cultural festivities such as Diwali in an open community environment. As you can see, you can diversify your Yorkshire holiday and pack it full of the latest and most diverse cultural and arts events possible.

Eat out

Another fantastic aspect of Yorkshire is that it draws in the tourists with the fact that the vibrant cities and towns play host to some of the most incredible foods, drink producers, venues and retailers across the UK. No matter what you prefer to eat, you’ll find everything from local produce to international cuisine. You’ll find street food at the local markets and fine dining experiences with Michelin starred restaurants around the locale, and you’re likely to enjoy a wonderful experience in every spot, whether you are grabbing breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Make Yorkshire your next holiday destination

Steeped in rich British culture and home to everything you could ever want from a rural UK destination, you’ll be able to stick to the well-appointed modern cities or branch out to the widely untouched countryside with ease. This means that it has the ability to appeal to families, couples and individuals alike, so be sure to take a closer look at all of the amenities and activities on offer for a fantastic getaway.


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